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Perched on top of soaring coastal ridges that border the Pacific Ocean, Flowers’ estate vineyards were some of the first planted on the “extreme” Sonoma Coast (1991).  Flowers’ vineyards rise up just two miles from the rugged Pacific Ocean cliffs at elevations of 1,150 to 1,875 feet.  The maritime breezes and coastal fog cool the vineyards during the heat of summer allowing fruit to fully mature with fresh, complex flavors and lively acidity.

The well-known San Andreas Rift comes ashore nearby at Ft. Ross and is responsible for much of the geological movement in the region and has influenced both Sea View Ridge and Camp Meeting Ridge vineyards.  The underlying, or parent material of the vineyard soils was once ocean floor.  Through cataclysmic events of fault movements that generated great heat and pressure, the marine sedimentary rock was transformed into fault gouge material consisting of rocks like schist, shale, sandstone, greywacke, and greenstone. These ancient rocks and weathered soils help to control vine vigor on our estate and create wines of depth with bright fruit, earth, and mineral characteristics – wines that reflect a true “sense of place”.

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