DSC01139-Flowers-Ocean-Rays-TJBIt is serendipitous that Walt Flowers ended up in the nursery business, given his surname. After completing his military service, Walt went to work for Moon Nursery in Bucks County Pennsylvania.

The nursery had a rich history dating back to the mid-1700’s when the Moon family received a land grant and sold their first tree in 1767. Generations of the Moon family worked in the thriving business, then the 1920’s brought hard times to the nursery – a devastating Japanese beetle infestation, the death of J. Edward Moon and the stock market crash of 1929. By 1936, the William H. Moon Company was bankrupt.

Real estate development claimed most of the nursery land. Hiram Rickert purchased what was left and continued to operate a small wholesale nursery and landscape company. In the late 1960’s, the remaining ground was sold to a builder and Walt Flowers bought the Moon name to start the nursery again. When Walt and Joan married in 1982, they joined forces to build the new MOON, a state-of-the-art wholesale nursery, to over 1000 acres in Bucks County, PA and Chesapeake City, MD.

The business required biannual trips to Oregon and California. During these intensive trips, the Flowers carved out time for rest & relaxation and to pursue their interest in wine. It wasn’t long before they had a dream of owning a vineyard and winery, realizing they could apply their knowledge and love of farming to California grape growing.