Michelle, our Consumer Sales Manager shared this story from her early days here at the winery.  It was April 1st, the phone rang and the caller identified himself as the wine buyer for the White House.  He continued, saying he wanted to order wine for the 50th Anniversary Dinner of NATO.  She being fully aware of April Fool’s Day, played along.  She asked what they were serving so we could send the appropriate wine.  He replied that he would have to talk to Hillary to which Michelle replied “of course…”.  The conversation went on until Michelle asked, OK, who is this really?  He realized that she thought he was a prank caller as an April Fool’s joke.  He finally said, I’ll call you back tomorrow………………. And he did.

The gentleman sent us a copy of the menu featuring Flowers Camp Meeting Ridge Pinot Noir which we have framed and on display at the winery.