For over 20 years, Flowers has been devoted to and inspired by Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay from the Sonoma Coast with a strong commitment to purity and terroir.  Since all of our Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays are 100% varietal wines we do not normally have the opportunity to blend varieties.  However, Perennial is a unique and captivating blend that was first introduced with the 1997 vintage and has been consistently crafted with the same dedication as our varietal wines.  It is intended to challenge style and intrigue the mind.  As with our inaugural vintage, in 2010 we have searched out eclectic vineyard sites closest to the California coastline to find the varieties that contribute to our targeted blend style.

Perennial is a red blend that is intended to drink a lot like a Pinot Noir with a broader fruit profile but the same balanced acidity, fresh flavors, and soft round tannins.  With Pinot Noir and Syrah at its core, Perennial combines elegance and finesse with spicy depth and complexity.  Pinot Meunier  and Dolcetto, can contribute to the blend as well as Chardonnay which marries flavors, provides a lift to the fruit and extends the finish.   Each plays a supporting role bringing the blend together representing a “Flowers style” for the given vintage – every year unique.  We hope you enjoy and experience the subtle differences from vintage to vintage as the blend will always be a discovery and exploration of flavor.