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Spring 2015 Offer


As the dawn of a new vintage breaks before us and the magic is about to begin once again, we are pleased to announce our Spring 2015 Offer. Your allocation is the quantity of each wine available for you to purchase during an offer period. Once a wine is sold out, your allocation for that wine is no longer available, so we encourage you to act quickly.

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One of the most defining characteristics of our Camp Meeting Ridge Estate Vineyard is the five and a half acres of meter-by-meter spaced Pinot Noir vines. Meter-by-Meter spacing has long been commonplace in Burgundy where, traditionally, vines were intensively worked by hand, however, with slopes approaching 30% gradient, the decision by our pioneering founders was novel in 1991. Encouraging our members to explore the intricacies of our unique Estates is the sole purpose of Project Terroir’s block wine program and we are excited to include three diverse 2012 Pinot Noir Block selections from Camp Meeting Ridge in this offer in addition to the 2013 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

“Meter-by-Meter spacing leads to smaller vines that yield less fruit, and this smaller yield has the potential for increased quality. None of this is easy on the extreme Sonoma Coast.” — Dave Keatley, Winemaker

Learn more about the meticulous care in the vineyards and the winery that elevate a single block, the current farming activities, tasting notes and a recipe in the Spring 2015 Newsletter by clicking here.

2012 Camp Meeting Ridge Pinot Noir Block 11 (only 110 cases produced)

2012 Camp Meeting Ridge Pinot Noir Block 14 (only 110 cases produced)

2012 Camp Meeting Ridge Pinot Noir Block 15 (only 65 cases produced)

2013 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay  750ml

2013 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir  750ml

2013 Flowers Spring Estate Box, a 12-bottle case pre-selected by the winemaker for your convenience, is also available


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2 Responses to “Spring 2015 Offer”

  1. Paul Anctil

    I am not on your mailing list but like your wines very much. I have a wine group I belong to here in Kansas City and I am responsible for procuring the wines for the dinner. I expect there will be around 40 people at the event. We are a non profit organization and I really wanted to expose them to something most of them have never tried. I saw you had some wine listed a few weeks ago on Wine Access, etc but did not move quick enough. Would you happen to have 6 or 7 bottles of one of your Pinots in the $40-50.00 range we could purchase?

  2. Flowers Vineyard & Winery

    Hi Paul!

    Apologies for the delayed response. You can easily purchase directly from our web store even if you are not on the mailing list.

    However, mailing list members also receive access to limited production wines that are not available on our store and are not released to the general public in distribution.



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