Moon Select Wines

2015 Moon Select Release


We are delighted to share with you our 2015 Moon Select Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. These wines highlight the absolute best of our exceptional 2015 growing season. At Flowers, we often focus on crafting wines expressive of one vineyard or even one block of vines, but Moon Select is different. Our Moon Select blends are the perfect representation of the entire vintage. The wine is carefully selected from all of our barrels, creating one blend that truly represents the season. It is the winemaker’s blend. The best of the vintage.

“Moon Select wines are meant to evolve in your glass and in your cellar. They are crafted to be thought-provoking.” – Chantal Forthun, Head Winemaker

These wines are dynamic, expressive, and a perfect representation of the West Sonoma Coast. The Pinot Noir draws you in with wonderful fruit on the nose and continues to open up and evolve in the glass. The Chardonnay displays the Flowers unique style – with tropical fruit notes perfectly balanced with coastal minerality. These wines can be enjoyed now, but they will also age beautifully in your cellar.

“Making Moon Select is like cutting a diamond. We shape it meticulously until it is perfect.” – Chantal Forthun, Head Winemaker

The Moon Select wines represent the entirety of the vintage. They are the first wines to be blended after fermentation and the last to be released. The process begins with the winemaking team meticulously tasting through each barrel, ranking them one by one and narrowing them down until they have picked their favorites. As you can imagine, this barrel selection process can take weeks. Then begins the blending. Each selected barrel contains wonderfully distinct and expressive fruit, making the blending process arduous yet exciting.

Although only a small amount of Moon Select wine is made, it gets the full, undivided attention of the winemaking team. Ultimately the final blend is chosen, and the wines are set aside to age in barrel until their release. These wines are close to our heart, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy them with us.

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