Camp Meeting Ridge Vineyard Stats

Region: Sonoma County
Appellation: Sonoma Coast
Year purchased: 1989
Vineyard planted: 1991
Total Acres: 321
Acres under vine: 29
Chardonnay acres: 18
Chardonnay Clones: Hyde Olde-Wente, Dijon 95, Dijon 76, Hyde-Muscat
Pinot Noir acres: 11
Pinot Noir Clones: Dijon 115, Swan, Calera, 777, Dijon 113, Wädenswil 1A, Wädenswil 2A, Pommard
Average Rainfall: 97 inches
Irrigation: Dry Farmed
Elevation range: 1,150 to 1,400 feet
Geo-coordinates: Latitude 38°33'14.60" N Longitude 123°14'01.02" W
Soil types: Hugo Atwell Complex, Greywacke over schist, shale, and sandstone, with volcanic ash and basalt intrusions from regional tectonic activity.